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Words of Wings Detective Boarding School

Everything the Police Academy *Doesn't* Teach You

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Welcome to Words of Wings Detective Boarding School, a crack role-play for the manga and anime Detective Conan!


1.) Please remain in-character while posting in the community. OOC comments must be labelled as such, and if possible, kept off the community.

2.) Be polite to your fellow players. If you have an issue with someone, please take it up via email or the player's personal journal. No flaming, attacking, or bad language used for harmful intentions is allowed, and will result in disciplinary action.

3.) This is a crack-RP, so please don't try deliberately to be serious. While serious plots will be allowed if they spring up, please try to keep them to a minimum.

4.) Romance is allowed, but please, if you want to take it farther for fun, do it off the community. RP in your character journals under friendslock or other some such if you feel the need to do so.


1.) This is a first person RP. Please make all posts and comments as if you are actually the character using the journal. This is not a third-person prose RP.

2.) Please remain IC! Crack is welcome, but respond to the crack like the character would.

3.) Plots are allowed, but spontaneity is preferred, and not as exclusive. Plots musn't be very long, and wrapped up quickly. If you would like a longer plot, or one that affects the whole community, please contact the admins first.

4.) No god-modding! Stick to what your character can canonically do, but do not assume everything they do will work. Leave all actions open-ended to give the other role-players freedom. God-modding and refusal to acknowledge other players will be disciplined severely.


1.) Make a sample post, at least one hundred words long, and mail it to detective@lacheln.net. Please include your proposed character, your personal journal if you have one, and your name (or alias you go by). In short, it should look like this:

Your Name
Your Proposed Character
Your Journal Name

Sample Post

2.) All applications will be judged by the community once the comm reaches ten players. Before then, the admins will commune and decide.

3.) New players will be emailed their acceptance letter. Please respond with your RP journal, and begin play!


Edogawa Conan: drugtest_tantei (clover_magic)
Haibara Ai: lotsofnicemice
Kuroba Kaito: clover_kite (salted_rhubarb)
Gin: disposal_squad (clover_magic)
Mouri Ran: lacedinred (mariata)
Kudo Yukiko: __________ (daikenkai)

Have fun and happy RPing!